A Day Trip to Isha – Adi Yogi Center , Chikkaballapura

Isha Statue - Adi Yogi

We recently visited the Adi Yogi statue and Naga Mantapa at the Bangalore Isha Yoga Center. On the route connecting Bangalore and Hyderabad, the location is close to Chikkaballapur.

The place is surrounded by undulating hills. The location is being built. However, both the Naga Mantapa and the Adi Yogi statue have been finished. However, the entire project won’t be finished for another year or two.

How to Reach:

Timings & Route : 1 hr 25 min (70.1 km) via Bellary Rd and NH 44 | Tadapatri – Bangalore Road

From Bangalore to Hyderabad the road condition is Excellent and one can take the NH44 route and have to take left turn at 64kms after Indian Dhaba Chikkaballapure . Only t he final four kilometres to the Bangalore Isha Yoga centre from village entrance are still under construction phase. 

There is ample space for car parking, though there will too much crowd in the weekends.

Park your car and then stroll over to the Naga mantapa. A Nagadeva statue that is 10 feet tall is striking. For Rs 20, you can purchase flowers at the “Offerings stand” and worship the god yourself.

Due to the mantapa’s elevated location, the view of the Adi Yogi statue is breathtaking from here.

Isha Yoga Center | Nagamantapa

You can descend after Naga Mantapa to get a better glimpse at the Adi Yogi statue. One can get closer to the statue after the renovations are complete, just like at the Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore.

Isha Adi Yogi
Isha Adi Yogi

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